Delta 22-590 Thickness Planer

June 25th, 2010 by Jim German Leave a reply »

The new Delta 22-590 Thickness Planer has just been officially announced.  Its a 13″ wide portable planer, in the familiar 4-post style.  It features a 3-blade head, that runs at 10,000 RPM for a nice smooth cut.  It has a different head locking system than other similarly designed tools, and claims (like most others have claimed) to eliminate snipe.  The material removal gauge works over the full distance of the cutter, as opposed to many similar planers, where the gauge only works in the center.  Dust collection may be an issue, as there doesn’t appear to be any way to hook a collector up to it, and the chips might get sucked back in to mar the surface.  The planer should start showing up in stores in July, with a MSRB of $530

Source: Delta


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  1. Joe says:

    I noticed a nozzle for dust collection but you mention in the review it may be a problem…why?

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