Dewalt DW3128P5 12″ Miter Saw Blade Combo Pack Review

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Up for review today is the Dewalt DW3128P5 Combo Pack.  This Pack consists of two 12″ thin kerf saw blades designed for use with miter saws, the DW3128 and the DW3123.   The former is a 80 tooth cross cut blade for fine finish work, and the latter is a 32 tooth cross cut blade for general purpose use.  Both blades have carbide teeth and are meant for use on hardwoods or softwoods.  The combo pack retails for $59.99 which will save you about $20 vs buying the blades individually.

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Before I address the actual blades themselves, I’d like to commend Dewalt on the packaging.   The blades come in a fairly typical blister pack, however this one has not been welded shut like so many others.  It just pops open easily without getting out the scissors (or utility knife).  Certainly not a big deal, but its a nice thing to see.

DW3128 12″ Fine Finish 80T Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blade

Moving on to the blades themselves, we’ll first look at the fine finish DW3128.  The blades 80 teeth are cut in an alternating top bevel fashion.  This is the preferred tooth configuration for crosscutting, which is what this blade is designed for.   The blade features rather small gullets, as it is meant to cut at a slow rate for a good finish.  The blade is computer balanced for reduced vibration, and has carbide teeth welded on.  The size of each carbide tooth is rather small, and therefore the blade will not be as durable as some more expensive blades.   This also means that the blade is not meant to be sharpened.   Dewalt however claims that their exclusive design puts more steel behind the tooth.

The 80T design provides for an excellent quality cut on both hardwoods and softwoods.  As shown above no blade marks can be seen in the piece of cherry.  On an unsupported board, the amount of tear-out was also minimal.  The small amounts of tear out were very fine and easily cleaned up with a few strokes of sand paper.  As to be expected with an 80T blade, it cuts rather slowly.  Care must be taken however, to not go to slowly or else you may get burn marks, particularly in woods such as the aforementioned Cherry.  The edge of the blade comes painted in Dewalt’s trademark yellow.  This looks nice in the package, however it wears off quickly and results in the first dozen or so boards having a yellow tinge on the cut.  It should be noted that Dewalt’s more expensive blades are only painted on the steel and not the teeth.  Dewalt claims that this blade can also be used for veneer, however I don’t think its quite up to that task, as even the small amount of tear out would not be acceptable.

DW3123 12″ General Purpose 32T Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blade

The other blade in this pack is the general purpose 32T DW3123.  The blade features a very similar design to the DW 3128 however with only 32 teeth.  The teeth have a large gullet compared to the 80T blade, however compared to other general purpose blades it still not very large.   The blade also features an alternating top bevel tooth design and therefore is only meant to be used in cross cutting.  The 32T blade cuts very quickly,  however the cut quality is not the best.  There is a significant amount of tear out, and it can be quite coarse.  Thus this blade should best be used for tasks such as rough framing, not for cutting crown molding.  It is however a great blade for cutting 2×4’s as it plows through them quickly and without drama.


These blades both work extremely well out of the package for what they are designed for.  The 80T blade produces an excellent quality cut and would be perfect for use on crown molding or chair rail.  The 32T blade is great for fast rough cuts, and is perfect for doing rough framing.  The two blades go well together, and both work better than a general purpose 40T blade at their respective tasks.

[xrr rating=7.5/10]


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