Two New Dewalt Drywall Screwguns

June 11th, 2010 by Jim German Leave a reply »

Dewalt launched two new variable speed drywall screw-guns (or Scruguns as they like to call them).  The new guns are variable from 0-4,500 RPM, and feature and adjustable depth stop.  This is a must have tool for anyone hanging drywall, and works great on either wooden or metal studs.  The drill is reversible, although this feature is of questionable benefit, as once the screw is sunk, the depth clutch will prevent the bit from engaging.    These guns are a vast improvement over the various attachments that are sold of a regular drill/driver, and at just 2.9lbs they’re also significantly lighter than any cordless.  The DW253 has a 12′ cord, while the DW253WT has a 50′ with a twist-lock plug.  They retail for $99, and $119 respectively, so even if you’ve only got a single room to do, it could still be worth getting.

Source: Dewalt


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