Milwaukee’s New Twist-Release Arbor

July 12th, 2010 by Jim German Leave a reply »

Milwaukee’s got a new quick release arbor for hole saws.  The Twist-Release (that’s a trademark btw) arbor is a great new design, allowing for tool free changing of hole saws.  You just hold the bottom and twist the top, and the hole saw pops free.  Its supposed to be a universal design so it should work with your favorite brand of hole saw.  It comes in two sizes for saws bigger or smaller than 1-3/16″ diameter.  It also has a Thunderbolt (that’s copyrighted) drill bit in the arbor, so you can pretend you’re Zeus as you drill your holes.  The small arbor is part number 49-56-7210, and is available for about $20, the large should be available in the fall.   As a bonus, Milwaukee has a special offer if you buy 10 Ice-Hardened (you better believe that’s trademarked) hole saws, you can get a free Twist-Release arbor by mail.

Source: Milwaukee

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