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Milwaukee’s New Twist-Release Arbor

July 12th, 2010

Milwaukee’s got a new quick release arbor for hole saws.  The Twist-Release (that’s a trademark btw) arbor is a great new design, allowing for tool free changing of hole saws.  You just hold the bottom and twist the top, and the hole saw pops free.  Its supposed to be a universal design so it should work with your favorite brand of hole saw.  It comes in two sizes for saws bigger or smaller than 1-3/16″ diameter.  It also has a Thunderbolt (that’s copyrighted) drill bit in the arbor, so you can pretend you’re Zeus as you drill your holes.  The small arbor is part number 49-56-7210, and is available for about $20, the large should be available in the fall.   As a bonus, Milwaukee has a special offer if you buy 10 Ice-Hardened (you better believe that’s trademarked) hole saws, you can get a free Twist-Release arbor by mail.

Source: Milwaukee

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Ideal Industries to buy bankrupt SK Hand Tools

July 12th, 2010

Ideal Industries has agreed to buy the bankrupt SK Hand Tools for $3.25 million according to the bankruptcy filing that was submitted to the northern Illionis Bankruptcy court.  According to the filing SK Hand Tools will go up for auction as soon as July 26th, and if no other higher offers are received it will be sold to Ideal.  Ideal has recently been buying up a few other smaller tool companies, and seems to leave them generally intact, so that is likely to be the case if their purchase of SK goes through.  SK currently has more than $10 million in debt, with at least $9 million being owed to Webster Business Credit.  They also have more than $10 million in assets.

Source: Bloomberg

New Festool Vacuums Coming to the US

July 7th, 2010

Festool USA has announced that the new CT 26 and CT 36 dust extractors will be available in the US and Canada starting on October 1st.  The Festool vacs are an improved versions of the current CT 22 and CT 33 that are currently avalible.  The new vacs have a lower center of gravity, for increased stability, and a redesigned turbine for greater suction.  They also have a newly designed dust bag, that cleans itself when it collapses as the vacuum is shut off.  Festool claims that this will increase the amount of fine dust able to be captured by one bag by a factor of 4.  We’re a bit skeptical how well this will actually work in practice, but its an interesting idea.  In addition to the new features, the CT’s feature a compact design, that includes a cord holder and a ‘hose garage’ to keep every thing neat and tidy.  The CT 26 has a 26 liter capacity, and the CT 36, you guessed it, has a 36 liter capacity.

Source: Festool (warning PDF Link)

Dewalt’s New 12V MAX Li-Ion Drill/Driver

July 6th, 2010

The wraps have been pulled off of Dewalt’s new 12V line, and the new DCD710S2 3/8″ drill will undoubtedly become the most popular of that line.  Weighing in at a hair under 2.5lbs, the new drill is about half the weight of Dewalt’s old 12V 3/8″ drill.  It is slightly less powerful however, at just 180 watts vs the old 12V’s 230W.  This is also less than half what a big 18V drill puts out (although an 18V drill weighs in at over 6 lbs).   Still, for folks who don’t need the big power of a full size drill, this little guy will be alot easier to handle, and should still put out plenty of torque for drill reasonable size holes, and tighten screws.  It’s expected to hit the market in the fall, and it will come in a kit that includes two batteries and a charger for $159.

Delta’s New 18″ Laser Drill Press

July 2nd, 2010

Delta just introduced a new 18″ Laser Drill Press.  Sadly this doesn’t mean it uses lasers for drilling, just that it has a pair of lasers that throw an X down on the work surface where the bit will land.  The drill press has a 3/4 hp motor, and a 6″ quill stroke (the distance the chuck will move down).  It features a nice large 20″ x14″ table, that can tilt forward, and left to right.  In addition a pair of T-slots allow the use of fixtures, and a removable center insert.  It has a three pulley system that allows for 16 speeds from 170 to 3000RPM.  The pulleys auto-tension, so changing speeds is fairly painless.  Although I like to bolt down a drill press as they are inherently top-heavy, the large cast iron base should make this more stable.  The retail price is $829, and it should be showing up in stores soon.

Source: Delta

SK Hand Tools Files for Bankruptcy

July 2nd, 2010

SK  Tools has been running into alot of trouble recently, and it has finally come to a head with them filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.  The company has had a handful of owners in the last 20 years,  most recently being bought out by the management in May of 2005 after the previous owner, the French conglomerate FACOM was bought by Stanley.   A strike 10-week strike that ended in November, as well as other recent management shakeups seem to have been more than the company could handle, and thus the bankruptcy filing.  When we tried to contact SK Tools on the filing, no response was given, and thus the future of the company, as well as the handling of warranty claims is still in doubt.

Source: US Bankruptcy Court Via: ToolGyd

Update:  Check out this post with some updated information including a potential sale.

Recall Notice: Southern Technologies Drill Press

July 1st, 2010

Southern Technologies has just announced a recall on its Powertec 8” Drill Press.  About 500 drill presses were produced that have faulty wiring in the motor, which may pose an electrical shock hazard.  The only model affected is the DP800, which were sold at Blain’s Farm and Fleet stores in the last few years.  If you have one of these drill presses, either return it to the store, or contact Southern Technologies at (877) 393-7121.

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission