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Festool CXS Confirmed, plus a short video!

August 30th, 2010

A few weeks ago we wrote about the new compact drill-driver rumored to be coming from Festool.  Well we have confirmation that it will be coming soon, launching in Europe in September.  Spec wise it’ll be in the 12V class (actually 10.8 V which is the same as everyone else’s), and have a max RPM of 1200.   Another nice tidbit is that the two slots on the front are meant to hold hex bits, and look to be able to hold about 6 of them.  This is a fantastic addition as it would allow you to hold a few different sizes, in Phillips, torx and square drive all at once.  That’s something that other little drivers such as the Bosch we recently reviewed are sorely lacking. There is also a video that gives a better understanding of the drivers size available at the German MyFestool site, which requires registration, or you can go straight to the video here as well.

Harbor Freight Pin Nailer Review

August 25th, 2010

Harbor Freight is a discount retailer in the truest sense of the word.  Their products are cost just a fraction of what a similar tool would cost if it was made by a “brand-name” manufacturer.  Of course all of their stuff is produced overseas, and not surprisingly the quality is at best questionable.  However there are times when you’re willing to put up with a lesser quality tool in exchange for it being only 20% of the price of a good one.  With that in mind, today we will look at the Harbor Freight 23 Gauge Pin Nailer, Model #97526.  It’s sold under their Central Pneumatic brand name, as part of the Contractor Line.  Read the full review after the jump.

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It’s Offical! Ideal Industries buys SK Tools

August 23rd, 2010

It’s officially official, Ideal Industries has gone through with the purchase of SK Tools.  The sale is expected to finalize on Wednesday, with Doug Spitler tapped to head the new company.  Doug is currently managing IDEAL’s Retail and Industrial Divisions so he should be a good fit to run the new company.  SK has said that they are dedicated to keeping SK Tools made in the US, however they haven’t decided if that will be at a brand new facility, the current SK facility, or a current Ideal facility.  They expect to release a manufacturing plan in about a month.  No word on existing warranty issues, however it sounds like Ideal will probably honor them in some fashion.

Source: Ideal

Bosch’s New Router

August 18th, 2010

Bosch has released a new 2.3 HP router.  The MR23EVS router series has a handful of new features that look quite promising.  It has trigger controlled power switches on both the fixed and plunge bases, something Bosch is claiming to be a first.  The routers also feature LED lighting that is ‘always-on’.  I’m curious if that means they’re always on whenever the router is plugged in, or just when the router is on.  Hopefully they’re on their own switch.  Bosch’s ‘Constant-Response’ circuitry claims to maintain a constant speed under load, which will be beneficial for getting high quality cuts.   The plunge base also features a micro-fine adjustment mechanism, although it doesn’t appear to be adjustable from the bottom for easy table mounting.  The new series of routers run from 10,000-25,000 RPM, and have both 1/4″ and 1/2″ collets.  Three flavors will be available, the MRF23EVS fixed base, the MRP23EVS plunge base, or the MRC23EVSK which has both.  The kit runs about $300, and is available now.

Source: Bosch

Dewalt Introduces two new Chipping Hammers

August 17th, 2010

Dewalt recently announced two new chipping hammers, the D25831K and D25851K.  Chipping hammers are the jack hammers little brother, and make short work of small amounts of masonry or even wood.  Dewalt hasn’t released much information on their hammers yet, however they are claiming that with their new active-vibration damping system, they reduce overall vibration by 50%.  If this claim is true, that would be a huge boon, as the vibration from this type of tool causes lots of fatigue and discomfort.  The new hammers should be available later this summer, and hopefully we’ll get some detailed specifications soon.

Update: Got word back from Dewalt, the Specs for the chipping hammers are below:

D25831K – SDS Max Chipping Hammer

  • Weight: 13.6 lbs.
  • BPMs: 1,430-2,840
  • Impact Energy: 9.5 ft-lbs.

D25851K – Round Hex Chipping Hammer

  • Weight: 14.0 lbs.
  • BPMs: 1,430-2,840
  • Impact Energy: 9.5 ft-lbs.

Irwin adds Straight and Smooth Jawed pliers to its Groovelock line

August 13th, 2010

Irwin’s Groovelock line of pliers, a variation on the familiar ChannelLocks  used to only have one type of jaw, a V shaped all purpose jaw.  This type of jaw is great when the the object you’re trying to grab fits in the V well, but sometimes its not ideal and a straight jaw would grip better.   As anyone who’s ever used this type of pliers like has found out the hard way, the teeth in the jaw do a great job gripping onto the object, but can frequently dig in and mar the surface.  In these situations a smooth jaw might be a better fit.  Irwin has realized this and now offers three different types, their original all-purpose v-jaw, the straight jaw, and the smooth jaw.  All three come in a variety of  sizes, and they all feature Irwins ‘Magic Button’ which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the size.

Source: Irwin

Around the Web Reviews: Cordless Finish Nailers at Popular Mechanics

August 11th, 2010

Cordless nailers are becoming more and more popular these days however, there are many different styles of cordless nailer on the market.  The most common is Paslode’s fuel-cell gun, which works in a similar manner to a 2-stroke gas engine.  Dewalt has had a gun on the market for awhile now that uses a battery powered motor to spin up a mechanical flywheel, and recently Senco has come out with the Fusion nail gun.  The fusion uses a battery powered motor to compress a small nitrogen tank, which is then used to fire the nail.  All of these have their pros and cons, and Popular Mechanics takes a look at each one, as well as throwing in a traditional air-compressor powered Bosch into the mix.  The Paslode was their favorite, all though they weren’t a fan of the smell, or the extra cost of the fuel.  The Dewalt was easy to use, but a bit under powered and extremely heavy.  The Senco basically split the difference, weighing more than the Paslode, but with the easy of a pure battery solution.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Rumor: Festool’s New CXS 12V Drill / Driver

August 10th, 2010

Although not yet officially announced, pictures have started popping up of Festool’s new CXS 12v cordless drill / driver.  It looks to combine the light-weight and easy to use features of most other brands 12v li-ion tools, with Festool’s typical array of goodies.  These include a great ergonomic design, excellent durability, as well as the multiple interchangeable chucks.  Festool includes with the CXS a quick-change hex chuck, a 3-jaw drill chuck, and a right angle chuck for getting in tight places.  The CXS also has a LED light, and a belt clip that are quickly becoming standard on cordless drills.  No word on availability, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Pricing should be typical Festool, we’d guess in the $200-$300 range.

Update 8/30/2010:  We have a new post up with a bit more information and a short video here

Recall: Hitachi Coil Nailers

August 5th, 2010

Hitachi has issued a recall on their coil nailer model NV83A2.  Some of these nailers have a faulty feeder that can let the nail eject sideways, possibly causing injury.  Eyes are the primary injury site, which is just another reason why you should always wear safety glasses when working with air tools.  The Hitachi coil nailers were sold between November 2002 and March 2006 at stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon.  If you have one of these nailers, contact Hitachi at (800) 706-7337 or go to their website.

Source:  Consumer Product Safety Commission

Milwaukee Transitioning from V28 to M28 Batteries

August 4th, 2010

Milwaukee has announced the new M28 Lithium-Ion batteries will soon be standard across their product line.  The M28 batteries will replace the 5 year old V28 battery line, and will be backwards compatible with the old batteries, which means you’ll still be able to use the old ones in your new tools.  Both batteries have the same capacity at 3.0 Amp-hours so you won’t get any inherent run-time, however the new batteries feature more sophisticated charging electronics, so that should allow the batteries to keep their peak capacity for longer.  In addition Milwaukee claims that the new batteries are more durable than the old V28’s, although the rated drop height is still 10 ft.  Prices should stay the same, and the new batteries will be available this summer.