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Milwaukee’s Tattoo Contest

September 30th, 2010

Are you a hardcore Milwaukee fan?  I mean really hardcore, like willing to have your body turned into a permanent Milwaukee advertisement hardcore?  Well if so, go get a good tattoo artist to whip up something special (or just do a giant logo like this guy) and you could win $500 worth of a tools a year for 20 years.

Source: Milwaukee Tools

Ideal’s New 21-in-1 Twist-a-Nut™ Screwdriver

September 29th, 2010

Ideal’s hard at work and continuing to improve the lowly screwdriver.  Despite the rather unpleasant sounding name, the 21-in-1 Twist-a-Nut Screwdriver has a slew of tricks up its sleeve (21 of them in fact!).  Its got  the fairly standard multiple hex bits, that are all precision machined, and are stored in the handle for easy access.  On top of that it features a  Ideal’s wire-nut wrench in the handle, that makes it alot easier to twist up wire nuts.  The handle also features a little hole that is perfectly shaped for bending a wire to go on an outlet screw.   Lastly the screwdriver has a ratcheting mechanism, that Ideal claims is good for more torque than a human wrist can exert.  The screwdriver runs about 20 bucks, and is just starting to hit stores now.

Source: Ideal

Milwaukee redesigns Sawzall Blades

September 23rd, 2010

Milwaukee has changed the design of their Sawzall blades.  In an attempt to increase blade life they’ve changed the profile of the teeth, as well as decreased the number of teeth from the standard six per inch to five per inch.  The decrease in teeth also has the added benefit of increasing the speed of the cut.   Milwaukee claims the new profile handles nails better with out dulling the blade, and they’ve got the YouTube video to prove it.  Milwaukee also added another little mini-tooth on the the tip, which they call the FangTip, which helps with plunge cuts.  They’ve got another super slo-mo video of that as well.  No word on availability or pricing, however as of yesterday they were not in stock at the local Milwaukee shop, or the Home Depot.

Source: Milwaukee (warning PDF link)

Around the web: Shoddy Reporting – TOH’s Tool Test

September 16th, 2010

This Old House has recently published a “Tool Test” on compound miter saws.  Now this sounds like an excellent article for anyone looking to buy a new miter saw right? Well not so much, instead of doing a detailed article rating each saw, and giving buying advice TOH gives a handful of specs and then a one sentence impression by an expert.  That’s all you get.  This article is of course constructed as a slide show as if the pictures of the miter saws is the most exciting part.   This of course is done just to stick more ads in front of your face.  The article is pretty much the most useless piece of “reporting” that I’ve come across lately, and is  one of the main reasons why I’ve started this site.

The truly sad thing about this is that TOH gathered together $4,000 worth of miter saws, hired a professional carpenter to use them a bit, hired a professional photographer to photograph them,  and after all that produced something that holds absolutely no value to the consumer.  TOH instead relies on the popularity of their excellent TV show, to drive traffic to their website to be fooled into clicking through these articles hoping for some actual useful information.  I’ve attached the link to the ‘Print” version of the article, which contains the full article on a single page.

Source: This Old House

Recall: Black and Decker Orbital Sanders

September 14th, 2010

Black and Decker is issuing a recall on about 192,000 orbital sanders.  The models number RO400, RO400G, RO410, RO410K, RO410LW and FS3000ROS that have date codes between 200701 and 200920 are all being recalled due to a potential issue where the sandpaper backing plate can fly off or break apart or fly off altogether.  If you have one of these sanders call B&D at (866) 220-1767 and they will send you a new backing plate.

Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Irwin’s New, Stronger, Vise-Grips

September 10th, 2010

Irwin has updated the vernerable Vise-Grip locking jaw pliers.  Originally designed in 1924 by William Petersen, the Vise-Grips haven’t changed much in almost a century.  Of course there have been a plethora of supposedly improved versions, but few of them worked better than the original.    Irwin (who through the wonders of corporate mergers is now the same company as the  Petersen Manufacturing) however has tried their hand at improving the design.  They seem to have gone the smart route though, and kept the improvements simple, added a cushioned grip, and a new one-handed trigger-less release.  They claim the new design provides 3x the locking power of the traditional too.

Source: Irwin

Milwaukee’s new Sawzall scraper ‘Blades’

September 7th, 2010

Milwaukee has introduced a few new accessories for their Sawzall and Hackzall lines.  The new tools, which should work with any standard reciprocating saw, take their queue from the Multimaster type tools, these new scrapers should make tasks like tile removal alot easier.  Milwaukee also shows it being used for paint removal, although I suspect it might be a bit to harsh for a task like that.  In addition to these new scrapers, Milwaukee is also introducing a grout removal tool, which features a coarse carbide grit on the cutting edge that will make short work of both epoxy and cementitious grouts.

Source: Milwaukee