Milwaukee’s Tattoo Contest

September 30th, 2010 by Jim German Leave a reply »

Are you a hardcore Milwaukee fan?  I mean really hardcore, like willing to have your body turned into a permanent Milwaukee advertisement hardcore?  Well if so, go get a good tattoo artist to whip up something special (or just do a giant logo like this guy) and you could win $500 worth of a tools a year for 20 years.

Source: Milwaukee Tools



  1. Igusa says:

    Oh man, it never fails. I just got the DeWalt Brushless Impact Driver and these get announced. Not sure if I want to keep the DeWalt or wait for these ienstad. The only upgrades I see vs. the DeWalt is the 2.0Amps and the chuck design. Not sure if that’s worth returning the DeWalt for. I originally chose my Makita drill/impact kit over Bosch because I wasn’t a fan of Bosch’s drill design and I doubt Bosch will redesign their drills for this new line. Any word on the release date?I also wouldn’t be surprised if DeWalt upgrades to 2.0Amp batteries to keep up with the competitor specs.

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