Makita’s introduces JR3070CT AVT Reciprocating Saw

September 1st, 2011 by Jim German Leave a reply »

Makita’s got a new reciprocating saw, the JR3070CT.  Most of its features are pretty standard for a big corded reciprocating saw.  It has a 15 Amp motor, goes from 0-2800 SPM, and has tool-less blade changes.  The saw features a stroke of 1-1/4″ which is a bit longer than average, and makes for smoother, faster cutting.  It has some nice controls, which allow you to set a max speed,  as well as adjust the cutting action between orbital and straight cutting.  To prolong the tools life it features a mechanical clutch that will disengage the drive if the saw binds up.

The headline feature here though (which you can tell from the giant AVT emblazoned onto the side of the saw) is the Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT).  This is a counter weight system that Makita claims will reduce the vibrations by half.  Vibration is a big deal as it is one of the primary factors in fatigue.  A saw that is shaking around alot will cause you to get tired very quickly, as your arms will try and hold it in place.  Therefore AVT should make this saw alot easier to use for long periods of time than other comparable saws.



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