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New 1.5 HP Delta Dust Collector 50-786

July 19th, 2010

Delta has launched a new dust collector.  The 50-786 is a pretty typical 1.5 HP dust collector.   In fact its not much changed from the old 50-760 dust collector.  Its got a snazzy new paint job, and a redesigned cart, but the 11.5″ impeller and the 1 micron bag remain the same.   The new cart does appear to make changing the bag a bit easier, but other than that there doesn’t appear to be much reason to upgrade.   The price also remains a bout the same though at $410.  It should be available in August.

Source: Delta

Dewalt’s new Rotary Hammer Dust Extractors

July 16th, 2010

Dewalt has just announced two new dust extractors for use with rotary hammers.  The D25301D and D25302DH  both attach to any of Dewalt’s 28V or 36V rotary hammer.  They both feature a telescope tube with a collar at the end that will completely cover the bit, and should get every bit of dust that is created.  The D25301D is just the hose and telescoping collar, which needs to be hooked up to a vacuum.  The D225302DH includes a vacuum with a built-in washable HEPA filter.  The vacuum hooks onto the bottom of the rotary hammer, making a nice neat tidy package.  It’s not light though, at a hefty 4 lbs on top of the already heavy hammer.  Both extractors should show up around August 1st at your local tool retailer.

Source: Dewalt

New Festool Vacuums Coming to the US

July 7th, 2010

Festool USA has announced that the new CT 26 and CT 36 dust extractors will be available in the US and Canada starting on October 1st.  The Festool vacs are an improved versions of the current CT 22 and CT 33 that are currently avalible.  The new vacs have a lower center of gravity, for increased stability, and a redesigned turbine for greater suction.  They also have a newly designed dust bag, that cleans itself when it collapses as the vacuum is shut off.  Festool claims that this will increase the amount of fine dust able to be captured by one bag by a factor of 4.  We’re a bit skeptical how well this will actually work in practice, but its an interesting idea.  In addition to the new features, the CT’s feature a compact design, that includes a cord holder and a ‘hose garage’ to keep every thing neat and tidy.  The CT 26 has a 26 liter capacity, and the CT 36, you guessed it, has a 36 liter capacity.

Source: Festool (warning PDF Link)

Grizzly’s New Polar Bear Series

June 9th, 2010

Grizzly introduced a new paint scheme for some of their products today.   They call it the Polar Bear Series, and it’s more of a white scheme than the green of before.  White doesn’t seem like the ideal tool color to me, as its going to look pretty dirty rather quickly, but it seems that Grizzly thinks differently.   Good news is that they’ve dropped alot of the prices to go along with the new introduction.

Source: Grizzly