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Porter Cable Pocket Screw Quik Jig

September 13th, 2011

Pocket screws are a great joinery method for everything from cabinets to tables, and almost everyone who uses them in a non-production environment uses one of Kreg’s jigs.  While they’re jigs are excellent, well made, precise, easy to use and reliable, a bit of competition is always welcome.  Porter Cable has just launched their own pocket screw jig, which looks quite a bit fancier.  Most of the Kreg jigs use a locking pliers type clamp to hold the jig to the workpiece.  This method works fairly well, but require another piece, and needs to be adjusted for each thickness of wood.  The Quik Jig uses a self adjust clamp, that firmly holds the jig in place without the need for any adjustment.  The jig also has built in storage for the drill bit, making it harder to lose.  The Quik Jig has a n automatic depth control system removing yet another step, and potential for mistake.  Lastly the jig has a great hole spacing adjustment system to provide lots of flexibility on hole placement.  The only down side is the price, which at $179 is rather steep.

Source: Porter Cable

Bosch’s Floor/Wall Laser

June 21st, 2010

Snapping chalk lines is so 20th century.  These days it’s all about the lasers.  Well at least that’s what the tool makers want you to think.  These days everything from drill presses to scissors have a laser on them.   Bosch jumped into the laser line business with both feet, and now has a full lineup, including the GTL3 Wall/Floor Covering Laser.  Aimed primarily at tile layers, this little guy puts down a line at 0, 45, and 90 degrees, making it a snap (err a light?) to get perfectly straight tiles without any chalk lines.

Source: Bosch