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Dewalt Introduces two new Chipping Hammers

August 17th, 2010

Dewalt recently announced two new chipping hammers, the D25831K and D25851K.  Chipping hammers are the jack hammers little brother, and make short work of small amounts of masonry or even wood.  Dewalt hasn’t released much information on their hammers yet, however they are claiming that with their new active-vibration damping system, they reduce overall vibration by 50%.  If this claim is true, that would be a huge boon, as the vibration from this type of tool causes lots of fatigue and discomfort.  The new hammers should be available later this summer, and hopefully we’ll get some detailed specifications soon.

Update: Got word back from Dewalt, the Specs for the chipping hammers are below:

D25831K – SDS Max Chipping Hammer

  • Weight: 13.6 lbs.
  • BPMs: 1,430-2,840
  • Impact Energy: 9.5 ft-lbs.

D25851K – Round Hex Chipping Hammer

  • Weight: 14.0 lbs.
  • BPMs: 1,430-2,840
  • Impact Energy: 9.5 ft-lbs.

Around the Web Reviews: Cordless Finish Nailers at Popular Mechanics

August 11th, 2010

Cordless nailers are becoming more and more popular these days however, there are many different styles of cordless nailer on the market.  The most common is Paslode’s fuel-cell gun, which works in a similar manner to a 2-stroke gas engine.  Dewalt has had a gun on the market for awhile now that uses a battery powered motor to spin up a mechanical flywheel, and recently Senco has come out with the Fusion nail gun.  The fusion uses a battery powered motor to compress a small nitrogen tank, which is then used to fire the nail.  All of these have their pros and cons, and Popular Mechanics takes a look at each one, as well as throwing in a traditional air-compressor powered Bosch into the mix.  The Paslode was their favorite, all though they weren’t a fan of the smell, or the extra cost of the fuel.  The Dewalt was easy to use, but a bit under powered and extremely heavy.  The Senco basically split the difference, weighing more than the Paslode, but with the easy of a pure battery solution.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Dewalt Miter Saw LED Worklight Review

July 29th, 2010

Lasers are all the rage these days showing up on everything from miter saws, to  drill presses, to even scissors.  Anyone who’s seen the New Yankee Workshop has looked at Norm’s miter saw with its fancy laser system and wanted one in their shop.  However in practice they aren’t nearly so useful as they can be difficult to see,  and don’t always stay aligned with the blade.  Dewalt’s miter saws are designed to accept a laser, but Dewalt also makes a LED light that uses the blade’s shadow to mark the cut.  How well does it work?  Find out after the jump.

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Dewalt’s new Rotary Hammer Dust Extractors

July 16th, 2010

Dewalt has just announced two new dust extractors for use with rotary hammers.  The D25301D and D25302DH  both attach to any of Dewalt’s 28V or 36V rotary hammer.  They both feature a telescope tube with a collar at the end that will completely cover the bit, and should get every bit of dust that is created.  The D25301D is just the hose and telescoping collar, which needs to be hooked up to a vacuum.  The D225302DH includes a vacuum with a built-in washable HEPA filter.  The vacuum hooks onto the bottom of the rotary hammer, making a nice neat tidy package.  It’s not light though, at a hefty 4 lbs on top of the already heavy hammer.  Both extractors should show up around August 1st at your local tool retailer.

Source: Dewalt

Dewalt’s New 12V MAX Li-Ion Drill/Driver

July 6th, 2010

The wraps have been pulled off of Dewalt’s new 12V line, and the new DCD710S2 3/8″ drill will undoubtedly become the most popular of that line.  Weighing in at a hair under 2.5lbs, the new drill is about half the weight of Dewalt’s old 12V 3/8″ drill.  It is slightly less powerful however, at just 180 watts vs the old 12V’s 230W.  This is also less than half what a big 18V drill puts out (although an 18V drill weighs in at over 6 lbs).   Still, for folks who don’t need the big power of a full size drill, this little guy will be alot easier to handle, and should still put out plenty of torque for drill reasonable size holes, and tighten screws.  It’s expected to hit the market in the fall, and it will come in a kit that includes two batteries and a charger for $159.

Dewalt DW3128P5 12″ Miter Saw Blade Combo Pack Review

June 29th, 2010

Up for review today is the Dewalt DW3128P5 Combo Pack.  This Pack consists of two 12″ thin kerf saw blades designed for use with miter saws, the DW3128 and the DW3123.   The former is a 80 tooth cross cut blade for fine finish work, and the latter is a 32 tooth cross cut blade for general purpose use.  Both blades have carbide teeth and are meant for use on hardwoods or softwoods.  The combo pack retails for $59.99 which will save you about $20 vs buying the blades individually.

Hit the jump to read the full review.

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Dewalt Announces 12V Li-Ion Line

June 24th, 2010

Dewalt announced today the introduction of a new battery line.  Details are currently scarce, however, the lineup appears to include some compact drills and drivers, as well as an impact wrench, a bore scope, and a infrared-thermometer.  Its great to see new lighter weight tools coming out that take advantage of the benefits of lighter batteries, however care needs to be taken that the tools retain a good balance and don’t just lop weight off the bottom making them difficult to handle.  Once we get our hands on one of Dewalt’s new tools we’ll let you know how they did.

Source: Dewalt

Popular Mechanics 18V Impact Driver Round-up

June 22nd, 2010

Popular Mechanics has posted a round-up of 18V Impact Drivers.  These extremely versatile tools can be used for anything from installing a garage door opener to building a deck.  Although many folks don’t see the point and will continue to use a regular cordless drill, once you use one of these guys you’ll never go back.  The prices in the Popular Mechanics round-up ranged from the $395 Bosch 26618-01, to the $170 Ridgid Fuego R86030.  The Makita BTD144 proved to be the winner, earning 4.5 stars, but at $350 its not cheap.  The best buy is the Ridgid  earning 4 stars and only costing $170.  The Porter Cable PC18ID also deserves a mention, only costing $20 more than the Ridgid, but having a battery that lasts almost twice as long.  Sadly the article lacks significant detail beyond the specific likes and dislikes, but its worth checking out if you’re in the market.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Two New Dewalt Drywall Screwguns

June 11th, 2010

Dewalt launched two new variable speed drywall screw-guns (or Scruguns as they like to call them).  The new guns are variable from 0-4,500 RPM, and feature and adjustable depth stop.  This is a must have tool for anyone hanging drywall, and works great on either wooden or metal studs.  The drill is reversible, although this feature is of questionable benefit, as once the screw is sunk, the depth clutch will prevent the bit from engaging.    These guns are a vast improvement over the various attachments that are sold of a regular drill/driver, and at just 2.9lbs they’re also significantly lighter than any cordless.  The DW253 has a 12′ cord, while the DW253WT has a 50′ with a twist-lock plug.  They retail for $99, and $119 respectively, so even if you’ve only got a single room to do, it could still be worth getting.

Source: Dewalt