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Festool Previews Domino XL DF 700

September 2nd, 2011

Festool’s Domino has been a huge star ever since its release in 2007.  Everyone who has used one has only great things to say about it  Its an incredibly versatile tool, allowing for mortises to be cut in a variety of size ranges for use in everything from face frames to doors.   It speeds up construction and is stronger than many other similar joining methods.  The legendary Festool dust collection also makes it a pleasure to use.  The only complait that we’ve heard about it  (well besides for the price of course) is that it can’t be used on really large projects, as the Domino DF500 maxes out at about a 1″ deep slot and about a half inch thick tenon.  It’s always been possible to use multiple domino’s for a stronger joint, but this can be tedious and still not provide sufficient strength.

Now Festool is addressing that issue with an XL version of the Domino.  Full details aren’t available yet, however the tenons for it look to be huge, and the tool will use a cutter as large as 14mm.  Pricing is obviously yet to be determined, but considering the DF 500 is $800, look for this tool to run well over a grand.  Rumors have it that it will be showing up in the US in 2012, as it is shipping in Germany this month.  Check out the source for some more pictures.

Source: Festool Owners Group

Festool CXS Confirmed, plus a short video!

August 30th, 2010

A few weeks ago we wrote about the new compact drill-driver rumored to be coming from Festool.  Well we have confirmation that it will be coming soon, launching in Europe in September.  Spec wise it’ll be in the 12V class (actually 10.8 V which is the same as everyone else’s), and have a max RPM of 1200.   Another nice tidbit is that the two slots on the front are meant to hold hex bits, and look to be able to hold about 6 of them.  This is a fantastic addition as it would allow you to hold a few different sizes, in Phillips, torx and square drive all at once.  That’s something that other little drivers such as the Bosch we recently reviewed are sorely lacking. There is also a video that gives a better understanding of the drivers size available at the German MyFestool site, which requires registration, or you can go straight to the video here as well.

Rumor: Festool’s New CXS 12V Drill / Driver

August 10th, 2010

Although not yet officially announced, pictures have started popping up of Festool’s new CXS 12v cordless drill / driver.  It looks to combine the light-weight and easy to use features of most other brands 12v li-ion tools, with Festool’s typical array of goodies.  These include a great ergonomic design, excellent durability, as well as the multiple interchangeable chucks.  Festool includes with the CXS a quick-change hex chuck, a 3-jaw drill chuck, and a right angle chuck for getting in tight places.  The CXS also has a LED light, and a belt clip that are quickly becoming standard on cordless drills.  No word on availability, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  Pricing should be typical Festool, we’d guess in the $200-$300 range.

Update 8/30/2010:  We have a new post up with a bit more information and a short video here

New Festool Vacuums Coming to the US

July 7th, 2010

Festool USA has announced that the new CT 26 and CT 36 dust extractors will be available in the US and Canada starting on October 1st.  The Festool vacs are an improved versions of the current CT 22 and CT 33 that are currently avalible.  The new vacs have a lower center of gravity, for increased stability, and a redesigned turbine for greater suction.  They also have a newly designed dust bag, that cleans itself when it collapses as the vacuum is shut off.  Festool claims that this will increase the amount of fine dust able to be captured by one bag by a factor of 4.  We’re a bit skeptical how well this will actually work in practice, but its an interesting idea.  In addition to the new features, the CT’s feature a compact design, that includes a cord holder and a ‘hose garage’ to keep every thing neat and tidy.  The CT 26 has a 26 liter capacity, and the CT 36, you guessed it, has a 36 liter capacity.

Source: Festool (warning PDF Link)

New Festool Parallel Guide Set

June 9th, 2010

Festool recently launced a a set of parrallel guides to go with there track based circular saws.  These guides would be a great boon to anyone who regularly rips sheet goods down, as they allow for  accurate and repeatable cuts.  The guide set features tool-less thum screws which are great for quick and easy setup, with no custom wrenches to worry about losing.  As with anythign from Festool, its not cheap though, with the set coming in at around $300.

Source: Festool