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Makita’s introduces JR3070CT AVT Reciprocating Saw

September 1st, 2011

Makita’s got a new reciprocating saw, the JR3070CT.  Most of its features are pretty standard for a big corded reciprocating saw.  It has a 15 Amp motor, goes from 0-2800 SPM, and has tool-less blade changes.  The saw features a stroke of 1-1/4″ which is a bit longer than average, and makes for smoother, faster cutting.  It has some nice controls, which allow you to set a max speed,  as well as adjust the cutting action between orbital and straight cutting.  To prolong the tools life it features a mechanical clutch that will disengage the drive if the saw binds up.

The headline feature here though (which you can tell from the giant AVT emblazoned onto the side of the saw) is the Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT).  This is a counter weight system that Makita claims will reduce the vibrations by half.  Vibration is a big deal as it is one of the primary factors in fatigue.  A saw that is shaking around alot will cause you to get tired very quickly, as your arms will try and hold it in place.  Therefore AVT should make this saw alot easier to use for long periods of time than other comparable saws.

Makita 5” Concrete Planer

June 23rd, 2010

Makita has updated their line of concrete planers with the new 5″ PC5001C.  It has a 10 amp motor, and weighs in at a hefty 11.2 lbs.  Makita is touting the new front roller and adjustable base as providing greater stability which results in a more consistent surface.  The PC5001C also features a softstart motor, and a dust bag (removable to be used with a vacuum).  This new planer is ideal for anyone who spends their days leveling out concrete seams.  Street Price is about $650, and its avalible now.

Source:  Makita

Popular Mechanics 18V Impact Driver Round-up

June 22nd, 2010

Popular Mechanics has posted a round-up of 18V Impact Drivers.  These extremely versatile tools can be used for anything from installing a garage door opener to building a deck.  Although many folks don’t see the point and will continue to use a regular cordless drill, once you use one of these guys you’ll never go back.  The prices in the Popular Mechanics round-up ranged from the $395 Bosch 26618-01, to the $170 Ridgid Fuego R86030.  The Makita BTD144 proved to be the winner, earning 4.5 stars, but at $350 its not cheap.  The best buy is the Ridgid  earning 4 stars and only costing $170.  The Porter Cable PC18ID also deserves a mention, only costing $20 more than the Ridgid, but having a battery that lasts almost twice as long.  Sadly the article lacks significant detail beyond the specific likes and dislikes, but its worth checking out if you’re in the market.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Manufacture Profile – Makita

June 15th, 2010

Today we kick off a  new series looking at who’s behind the tools you buy.  First up is Makita.

Makita is a Japanese company founded in 1918.  Long known for its bright turquoise tools, it held a dominating position in the power tool market with a greater than 50% market share in the early 90’s.  Since then they’ve slipped a bit primarily under the onslaught of B&D’s Dewalt brand. They are headquartered in Anjō, Japan, and have factories in Japan, USA (Georgia), UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, and Romania.  They are a publicly owned company traded on the Tokyo and Nasdaq stock exchanges.

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Makita’s New Air Compressor

June 14th, 2010

Makita just launched a new compact high pressure air compressor.  The AC310H compressor makes use of a 2.5HP motor to achieve a pressure of as high as 400psi in its 1.6 gallon tank.   By utilizing this high pressure it is able to store as much air as a conventional 5-gallon compressor.  The compressor features four air ports, two conventional ports, and two high pressure ports.  Makita also claims that the motor has a particularly low amp draw, which should help reduce tripped breakers.

Source:  Maktia