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Around the Web Reviews: Cordless Finish Nailers at Popular Mechanics

August 11th, 2010

Cordless nailers are becoming more and more popular these days however, there are many different styles of cordless nailer on the market.  The most common is Paslode’s fuel-cell gun, which works in a similar manner to a 2-stroke gas engine.  Dewalt has had a gun on the market for awhile now that uses a battery powered motor to spin up a mechanical flywheel, and recently Senco has come out with the Fusion nail gun.  The fusion uses a battery powered motor to compress a small nitrogen tank, which is then used to fire the nail.  All of these have their pros and cons, and Popular Mechanics takes a look at each one, as well as throwing in a traditional air-compressor powered Bosch into the mix.  The Paslode was their favorite, all though they weren’t a fan of the smell, or the extra cost of the fuel.  The Dewalt was easy to use, but a bit under powered and extremely heavy.  The Senco basically split the difference, weighing more than the Paslode, but with the easy of a pure battery solution.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Paslode’s New Fuel-Cell Adapters Work with any Paslode Nailer

July 21st, 2010

Paslode has recently started including two fuel cell adapters in each Fuel + Nail combo pack.  This is great news for folks who use an older style of Paslode nailer, as it means that the combo packs will work with your nailer, not just the newest Paslodes.  It’s also great news for crews that have a mix of nailers, as you no longer have to worry about which fuel goes with with which gun. The new combo packs should be available now,  with prices at about $35 for a 1000 3″ nails.

Source: Paslode

Paslode’s New PF150S-PP Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer

June 30th, 2010

Paslode has just released a new Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer.  It’s a bit of a mouthful, but if you’ve ever tried to use a nail gun on a metal framing bracket, and missed (with any of a number of wonderfully unpleasant consequences) this is the tool you need.  the PF150S-PP Nailer has a special “positive placement” tip that goes into the nail hole in the bracket, and insures that the nail will go into the hole.  The nailer will hold up to two strips of 1-1/2″ nails for less reloading, and weighs a hefty 6lb 5oz.  Unlike the cordless nailers that Paslode has become famous for, this one takes a air hose at 90 psi.  No word on price or availability yet.

Source: Paslode