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Ridgid’s New Tile Saw, ‘The Beast’

July 30th, 2010

Ridgid is calling their newest tile saw, Model #R4090 ‘The Beast’ and for good reason.  This 125lb wet saw can cut rip tiles up to 34″ long, and cut on a diagonal at 24″.  The 10″ diamond blade is powered by a 15 Amp variable speed motor.  This lets you match the speed of the blade to the material you are cutting.   The saw is mounted on a fancy head that allows it to adjust to any angle between 0-45 degrees, and it easily moves across the table to let you cut where ever you want.  The Beast sits on its own collapsible cart, and has 8″ wheels to make getting it up and down stairs easier.  That’s a good thing considering its 125lb weight.  All that heft doesn’t come cheap though, as the saw retails for $899.

Source: Ridgid

Popular Mechanics 18V Impact Driver Round-up

June 22nd, 2010

Popular Mechanics has posted a round-up of 18V Impact Drivers.  These extremely versatile tools can be used for anything from installing a garage door opener to building a deck.  Although many folks don’t see the point and will continue to use a regular cordless drill, once you use one of these guys you’ll never go back.  The prices in the Popular Mechanics round-up ranged from the $395 Bosch 26618-01, to the $170 Ridgid Fuego R86030.  The Makita BTD144 proved to be the winner, earning 4.5 stars, but at $350 its not cheap.  The best buy is the Ridgid  earning 4 stars and only costing $170.  The Porter Cable PC18ID also deserves a mention, only costing $20 more than the Ridgid, but having a battery that lasts almost twice as long.  Sadly the article lacks significant detail beyond the specific likes and dislikes, but its worth checking out if you’re in the market.

Source: Popular Mechanics

Ridgid SeeSnake Laptop Software

June 16th, 2010

Rigid recently announced some new interface to go with their line of drain inspection tools.   The SeeSnake LT1000 interface  lets you view save and export the images and videos captured by the SeeSnake with your laptop.  This should cut down the time wasted moving files and preparing reports.  In fact the SeeSnake HQ software has some built-in reporting features, that will let you make a PDF, printed or even a DVD.  No prices have been mentioned, but this one is surely going to be worth it.

Source:  Ridgid