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New Skil 1780 Rotary Hammer

June 28th, 2010

Skil just released a new rotary hammer in their Masters product line.  The Skil 1780 has an 8.5 amp motor which allows it to drill, chisel or hammer drill in masonry and cement.  It features a variable speed drive, easily adjustable via the side knob.  Skil is so confident in the durability of this tool they’ve equipped it with auto-stop brushes that will prevent damage from occurring to the motor when the brushes wear out, implying that you will be using this enough that the brushes will actually wear out before anything else does.  The 1780 also features a keyed chuck as well as a SDS-plus adapter, allowing the use of masonary chisels and drill bits, as well as regular HSS bits as well.  No word on US avalibility, however it should be avalible in Europe this month, for €170 not including VAT.